Jiangsu Wuzhong Pharmaceutical Industry Investment Co., Ltd.was invested and founded in 2018. Focusing on the strategic target of taking pharmaceutical one-health industry as the core, it actively docks with the investment institutions, pharmaceutical enterprises and industry organizations to gather resources in the pharmaceutical industry, screen high-quality targets, realize complementary advantages through professional management and market-oriented operation, cultivate new profit growth points for the company, and promote the company's active and steady M&A integration and denotative expansion. Meanwhile, established and effectively participated in the industrial funds and M&A funds with pharmaceutical one-health industry as the core through investment, so as to continuously enrich and expand the company's pharmaceutical one-health industry chain.

In the future development,the company will timely carry out the layout in the upstream and downstream industries of pharmaceutical manufacturing which is with certain threshold and great development potential, such as featured CRO, Internet one health industry, one-health products; pay special attention to one-health brand in Wuzhong, Jiangsu; and cultivate the one health sector into a core business sector with strong market competitiveness and a certain industry position, which can form synergistic effect with the pharmaceutical industry.