Medical cosmetology

The company insists on dual-wheel-driven development strategy of industrial development and capital operation, relies on the huge opportunity of one health industry,focuses on the cultivation of medical cosmetology as an emerging one health sub-industry while consolidating and promoting the core status of pharmaceutical industry, focus on upstream products of non-surgical medical cosmetology.

In 2021, the company officially entered the medical cosmetology by the model of Merger and Acquisition & self-research, wholly owned establish Jiangsu Wuzhong Aesthetics Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. The same year, the Wuzhong Aesthetics strategically held Chengdu Shang-li Aesthetic Co., Ltd. , Shang-li Aesthetic ownes the exclusive sales rights of the latest high-end injection-use cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel products (hyaluronic acid) from South Korean Medical cosmetology company Humedix in the future in China, this product has entered the clinical stage of registration currently.

In 2022, the Wuzhong Aesthetics strategically held DaTou Medical Instrument (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. , DaTou ownes the exclusive sales rights of the AestheFill from South Korean Medical cosmetology company Regen Biotech in the future in China, this product has accepted the application for registration of imported medical devices by NMPA.

In 2022, the Wuzhong Aesthetics aimed at the collagen injection market relying on the deep industrial foundation of the parent company, the first private label - As A BABY was launched officially. Promoting the layout through internal R&D and external collaboration. For the internal R&D, the Wuzhong Aesthetics exploited recombinant collagen field relying on the research and industrialization foundation of Zhongkai Biological Pharmaceutical Factory. For the external collaboration, established united laboratory with Zhejiang University International Science and Innovation Center, and introduced the synthesis technology of recombinant type 3 humanized collagen with trimerical structure.

The Wuzhong Aesthetics realized the closed loop of researching, production and sales of recombinant collagen, at the same time, also actively seeks high-quality assets in the fields of other high-end injection medical devices. At present, collagen regeneration class, collagen supplements, hyaluronic acid fillers, lipolytic solution has been laid out.

The company has made clear the three-step strategy in the development of medical cosmetology: quickly enter the market through the introduction of agency, build channel and supply chain system, establish a high-end brand image. At the same time as introducing products, develop collagen technology platform through cooperation with overseas leading enterprises. Form a multi-category independent research and development platform. In the future development, the company will always be committed to the mission, to provide safety and healthy beauty for the world`s beauty seekers.