Chronicle of Events

In Apr 1994, Jiangsu Wuzhong Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded by raised funds from targeted sources.
In Jan 1996, founded the Suzhou Zhongkai Biopharmaceutical Plant and entered the pharmaceutical industry.
In Jan 1998, acquired Suzhou No. 6 Pharmaceutical Plant by wholly-owned way.
In Apr 1999, issued shares to list successfully in Shanghai Stock Exchange, rated as “The First General Education Share in China."

In Apr 2000, acquired Suzhou Changzheng Pharmaceutical Plant and cooperated with Cinkate Corporation to establish Suzhou Changzheng-Cinkate Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
In Jul 2000, cooperated with Jiangsu Institute of Materia Medica to jointly establish Jiangsu Wuzhong Suyao Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd.

In Apr 2001, founded Jiangsu Wuzhong Pharmaceutical Sales Co., Ltd. to develop the pharmaceutical related business.
In Oct 2001, the share allotment raised RMB267 million to invest in pharmaceutical technological transformation and marketing network construction.
In Nov 2001, cooperated with Nanjing Military Medical College of Naval Medical University to establish Jiangsu Wuzhong Biomedical Research Institute Co., Ltd.

In Sept 2005, integrated medical resources to establish Jiangsu Wuzhong Pharmaceutical Group Corporation.
In Dec 2005, completed the split share reform, and realized full circulation of shares

In Oct 2009, realized the form of division by continued existence with the original controlling shareholder Jiangsu Wuzhong Group.

In Nov 2010, founded Jiangsu Zhongwu Real Estate Co., Ltd. and formed the industrial layout of medicine, real estate and investment.
In Jan 2014, the headquater relocated into the Wuzhong Building at No. 988, Dongfang Avenue, Jiangsu.

In Jan 2015, implemented the restricted equity incentive plan.
In Oct 2015, carried out non-public funds RMB 514 million raised through issuing new shares to invest in pharmaceutical R&D and reconstruction and expansion projects.

In Jul 2016, acquired Henryda Tech Chemical Co., Ltd. by issuance of shares and cash payment, and raised RMB400 million funds to invest in the phase II project.

In May 2018, founded Jiangsu Wuzhong Pharmaceutical Industry Investment Co., Ltd., and deepened the investment layout by relying on medical resources.

In Jul 2019, Wuzhong Pharmaceutical cooperated with Zhejiang University to found “Suzhou Zerun New Drug Research and Development Co., Ltd." to jointly develop a category of new drugs.
In Aug 2019, completed the equity transfer of Jiangsu Zhongwu Real Estate Co., Ltd., focused on its core main business after peeling off the real estate industry.
In Sept 2019, formulated a "Five-year Strategic Plan (2020-2024)" to determine the development director which took the pharmaceutical one-health industry as its core.

In Jan 2020, Wuzhong Pharmaceutical started emergency production in Spring Festival to guarantee the medicine supply, which contributed for preventing and controling the CoVID-19.
In Aug 2020, Wuzhong pharmaceutical and Chengnan Sub-district Office of Wuzhong District signed the "Compensation Agreement for Demolition of Non-residential Houses".
In Nov 2020, Xiangshui Henryda Tech Chemical Co., Ltd. and Xiangshui Ecological Chemical Industry Park Management Committee of Jiangsu signed the "Compensation Agreement for Withdrawal of Enterprises in Xiangshui Ecological Chemical Park".

In Jan 2021, the company was officially renamed to be "Jiangsu Wuzhong Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd".
In Apr 2021, Medical Cosmetology Business Division was established by the company.
In Jun 2021, strategically held Chengdu Shang-li Aesthetic Co., Ltd.