Company Profile

The company was founded in 1994, with its predecessor of being a school-run enterprise of the general education system.Listed successfully in Shanghai Stock Exchange, the company was rated as “The First General Education Share in China.", which is the first listed company in Wu county (present Wuzhong District) and the sixth listed company in Suzhou. Since its establishment, the company has continuously standardized and improved the governance structure, optimized the main business through M&A and project investment, currently involving pharmaceutical, medical cosmetology, investment and other industries.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the wholly-owned subsidiary Jiangsu Wuzhong Pharmaceutical Group Corporation has gradually established pharmaceutical industrial chain which integrates R&D, production and sales, its main products cover the fields of "Anti virus/anti infection, immune regulation, anti-tumor, digestive system, cardiovascular, etc." Wuzhong Pharmaceutical Group is National Contract Abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise and High and New Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu, as well as President Unit of Suzhou Pharmaceutical Association and Vice-President Unit of Jiangsu Provincial Pharmaceutical Association. It has ranked among the top 100 in comprehensive strengths of China ChemPharm Industry for many continuous years. In 2020, it won the Suzhou Quality Award and was selected into the Cultivation List of the first batch of 16 Potential Landmark Enterprises in Suzhou Biomedicine and the List of Construction Enterprise of Leading Enterprise Advanced Technology Research Institute in Suzhou. At present, the company focuses on high-end generic drugs, first generic drug and specialized medication; stably promotes the R&D of innovative drug; gives great impetus to the consistency evaluation of injections and tablets; so as to provide more product support for the improvement of the company's core competitiveness in the future.

In the medical cosmetology industry, the company officially open its layout in the medical cosmetology field by strategic holding of Chengdu Shang-li Aesthetic Co., Ltd.. Chengdu Shang-li Aesthetic owns the exclusive agency rights in China for the latest hyaluronic acid product from South Korean company-Humedix, which is an enterprise with high-end injection filling products for medical cosmetology as its main business and R&D direction. Its main business model is the combination of overseas licensing introduce and independent R&D, the core of which is the medical cosmetology product market. In the meantime, the company expand the introduction of cutting-edge high-end products and technical cooperation based on overseas resources. The company actively seeks high-quality assets in the fields of other functional skin care products and skin-care-related medical equipment, introduces high-end medical cosmetology varieties through the cooperation way to form the synergistic effect of product lines; meanwhile, all-dimensionally finds high-quality M&A resources, builds the medical cosmetology operation platform through the incremental investment and M&A methods, so that the strategic implementation of company's medical cosmetology and its large-scale operation layout can be fully promoted.

In the investment industry, Jiangsu Wuzhong Pharmaceutical Industry Investment Co., Ltd.invests, builds and participates the industrial fund and M&A fund which is focusing on the medical one health industry; continuously deepens the investment layout through specialized investment and market-oriented operation to promote the company to extend to the chain of one health industry.

In the five-year strategic development plan for 2020-2024, the company has established the development direction with the medical one health industry as the core, and adhered to the two-wheel-driven development strategy of industrial development and capital operation. On one hand, it goes a step further to enhance its core status in pharmaceutical industry; on the other hand, it takes medical cosmetology and other emerging big health sub-industries as the key cultivation, forming synergy and complementarity with the existing pharmaceutical industry, forming a big health industry cluster with strong market competitiveness and a certain industry status. It aims to be the main-board list company with relatively abundant capital, advanced management concept, outstanding innovation ability, high growth rate and great potential.