Chairman's Address

Over the past two decades, Jiangsu Wuzhong has been marching forward continuously in the complex and ever changing environment in spite of twists and turns. Through a series of acquisition, restructuring, split-off, and asset restructuring, it has formed the current development pattern and gained the periodical achievement, which should give credit to our Jiangsu Wuzhong people making great endeavors to strive for progress, to our partners with mutual trust and great support, and to our customers accompanying us all the time.

The common undertaking binds us together while the common goal divers us to go forward hand in hand. Currently, Jiangsu Wuzhong is just in such a great period for development opportunities, which has accumulated the strong momentum to accelerate development and established the solid foundation for stepping into the future by means of persistently promoting strategy implementation, culture remolding, organizational reform, and management optimization. Jiangsu Wuzhong is adopting a brand-new way of thinking to adapt to changes and embrace innovations, and to meet new opportunities and challenges initiatively and actively.

With the corporate mission and responsibility of “offering a better and healthy life” to society, by taking pharmaceutical health Industry as the core direction for development, Jiangsu Wuzhong will develop its main business of pharmaceutical manufacturing in depth and extend to the other branch sectors of the general health industry. We are full of confidence to develop Jiangsu Wuzhong into a public pharmaceutical health company listed on the main board, which will be equipped with adequate working capital, advanced management philosophy, prominent innovation capability as well as high growth speed and significant potentials.

The aim of making each change is for better development. Since a new direction has already been chosen, we should forge ahead despite twists and turns. We'd like to cooperate with all our friends to stand in the forefront of time to strive for better performance with the determination of creating a bright win-win future, and open a new chapter specifically for the coming passionate era of Jiangsu Wuzhong.