How I Vacationed Like a Millionaire

It's true what they say about luck. It can strike anytime, anywhere, as long as you've actually made the first step. Luck can only present itself where action exists. I was sceptical for many years, but I had my heart set on something, so I took the initiative and became a dedicated player. I'm going to tell you about my adventure after I scooped a $7 million jackpot by playing the American lotto on

It's understandable if people give up on the lottery. The odds are daunting, and it always seems like the wins happen only in the United States. It's not true. I've decided not to reveal my name because I don't want to boast, and because I prefer to keep my business private. I'm sharing this story with you because I want to open your eyes to all the possibilities when you eventually win.

The trick is to stay in the game when buying online lotto tickets. You can't expect miracles to happen if you don't get close. After my life-changing phone call I never dreamt would come, my whole world shifted. It was like the floors were melting beneath me and I was slowly sinking in. It was overwhelming.

Everyone is different. What you choose to spend your money on is up to you. I knew what I wanted: outlandish experiences. Why? Because I won't be able to do them forever. I had my millionaire fun, and invested the rest wisely. Here's what I experienced:

1. Gourmet Dinner on A Private Beach

As cliche and this may sound, the experience and beauty surrounding you isn't. For many years I was a blue-collar worker. Behind my desk at the office, with hard floors and tight shoes. I had forgotten what it felt like to stand barefoot in the sand. I spent the day flying to many islands. I even treated a special someone I had my eye on to a splendid dinner. Cooked by a private chef, no doubt. We felt like royalty. We got tipsy on the most expensive champagne, and feasted on lobster, roast lamb, the freshest salmon, expensive cheeses, and the ripest fruit fit for Zeus himself.

2. An unforgettable Romantic Experience in South Florida

I've always been a sucker for romance, so I indulged. My partner and I were picked up in a limousine at a five-star hotel, and hopped into a private Bell Jet Helicopter that whisked us away over the ocean. The view was mesmerizing. With a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne, we looked out for sharks and stingrays swimming along the bottom of the ocean.

We then landed at a private resort in the Florida Keys where we were fetched in a Cadillac. We arrived at the shore station and hopped aboard a custom boat sailing to islands with a private tour and dinner included.

3. Fun aboard the 102' Westport Luxury Motor yacht

We cruised through waves on the most lavish chartered yacht. The friendly and professional staff accommodated us on every request. We even asked for a firework display to end the trip.

We took in the gorgeous coastlines and indulged in top-notch meals. We even took a dip in the amazing Jacuzzi as a steel band serenaded us. If you would like to book your own experience, you can learn more by visiting South Florida luxury yachts and worldwide yacht charters.

4. I visited my favourite TV series set

That's right. I got to visit The Big Bang Theory set. It was so weird! Actually seeing the roof of their apartment that was made up of stage lights, with no ceiling.

I also got to visit studio sets in Hollywood and New York such as: NBC, ABC, CBS, Universal, and Paramount. Not to mention that I was treated like VIP.

5. I hired a celebrity for a Bachelor party

I'm sure we've all fantasized about a celebrity appearing at your party, instantly upping your street cred. My fantasy came true, and not only did they perform, but they hung out with us too. We'll give you a little hint. Tik Tok.

These are just a few amazing experience. I also swam with dolphins, hired a mansion in Miami for the weekend, went on an exclusive fishing charter trip, and drove a Formula 1 car round a track with a coach.

My life-changing win came unexpectedly, but not out of the blue. As long as you're in it to win it, you have as much chance as anyone else to win. Just like I did.

Good luck!

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