Top Five Beaches in and Around Sydney

Australian holidays are popular for many families that want sun, sea and sand. The beaches are among the most popular options for many and there are some great options around. Sydney is one of the most popular destinations, despite not being the capital, and it offers some great attractions and beaches.

Number one on the list would have to be Avalon Beach, which is one of the northern beaches. This beach has a pool towards the south of the beach, which is popular for many children and people just wanting somewhere to swim. The beach is popular for those who want to try surfing or body surfing for the first time – or are regulars at it – and also wants a chance to relax while fishing.

Avalon also has restaurants, shops, cafes and other attractions just 10 minutes away, which is perfect for many families who want food and drink while out. The Australian holidays rock pool also has a children’s playground next to it, which offers picnic tables and facilities to BBQ.

Number two on the list is Bilgola Beach, which offers a 500m stretch of sand, sea and palm trees. This is a great option for those who want a peaceful morning to start the day and also has a rock pool and surfing club for families. On top of that, getting into Newport is very easy on the Bus 191.

Just mentioning Newport puts beach number three on the list. Bungan Beach is extremely popular during the weekends and at public holidays because it is patrolled. It is a great option for surfing and swimming, as long as you stay between the flags. There is also a kid’s play area and picnic area near the beach. However, the beach is only accessible by foot due to it having a steep hillside to isolate it.

For those who love snorkeling or want to give scuba diving a try, Clovelly Beach – one of the southern beaches – is worth putting on your list. There are plenty of changing facilities around the area and also a lagoon that is shallow and perfect for the smaller children to explore in. For the days when the current is rough, there is a rock pool available.

Finally, number five on the list is Bondi Beach, which is one of the most famous options. This is popular with surfers and swimmers alike and has become an icon in the country of Australia. There is literally something for everyone and extremely close to the center of the city, which means that it is close to shops, restaurants, bars and anything that you could possibly want.

On top of that, Bondi Beach also have a nightlife and there are some great spots to relaxing on an evening, whether that is in a bar or in one of the cafes. For those who loving golfing and want to see the sea, this is an excellent option for you.

The above are just five of the beaches in and around Sydney but there are many more. You may find one that is more suitable for you or somewhere that you love; this is always a personal choice as you may want quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of the "real world".

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