Tips for a Thrifty Smmer Holiday

The high holiday season is looming and with children to please but budgets to meet, the pressure is on to find fun at an economic price. Worry not, there are loads of budget options out there – here’s our guide to bagging a thrifty summer holiday.

A full blown overseas break is obviously going to cost a few pretty pennies, regardless of how hard you barter, but there are still some pointers to follow to bag the most bang for your buck.

Looking for destinations with favourable exchanges rates is the first consideration – the savings made on the currency may end up being wiped out by the cost of a long haul flight, so make sure you calculate accordingly and weigh up travel costs with daily holiday expenses.

Shop around for flights, ferries and train tickets – the budget options are increasingly becoming less so. By the time you’ve added on taxes, baggage allowances, credit card charges, meal supplements and seat reservations, many budget carriers are actually charging more than their ‘mid range’ competitors. Do your research and find out how the market plays, whether the flights are cheaper the earlier or later you book, and act accordingly.

A family of four can cost a lot to put up in a big hotel, so getting creative with accommodation options is essential. The entire concept of camping has undergone a huge revival in recent years, gone are the days of leaky tents and baked bean diets. Today camping is quite a glamorous affair, and affordable to boot. Campers don’t even need to be prepared these days, which can also make things a little easier and cheaper on a full blown family holiday. All types of farm stays and tipi villages are ready and waiting to offer a kitsch take on a life under canvas.

For holidays abroad make sure you shop around for all manner of provider, from travel insurance to travel money – check admin charges and fees that might be added onto your final bill, the pennies saved in the prep can be splashed on a holiday treat.

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