The Stunning Beaches of Upolu, Samoa

Honeymooners simply love this island for its splendid and romantic ambiance. It is also very popular for lonesome backpackers willing to pay premium for a chance to walk on its stunning beaches. The island paradise of Upolu in Samoa is not to be missed. However before you hop to the next jet bound for Samoa, click here to secure your ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) Visa to facilitate a smooth travel experience.

Upolu is practically the most significant of Samoa’s islands considering its tourism income and of course its stunning scenery typical of popular island postcards. Upolu is a massive volcanic island and charmed with exhilarating landscapes and breathtaking scenery. Here, you can either be a daring Jungle expert or a lazy beachgoer; your choice. In the end, you will simply have the best days of your life whilst savoring the relaxing sensation of powdery white sand under your feet.

Upolu’s economy is fast growing thanks to you and the thousands of tourists that frequently visit the island; hence, you can now enjoy more establishments on the island where you can find important stuff. The island has a typical laid-back lifestyle, so make sure to play along and forget about the hassles of your office job for a bit, I’m sure the boss got the memo. Nonetheless, Upolu sports some of the world’s most beautiful natural reserves and the hilly mountains with lovely waterfalls simply beg to be printed right there and then on your very mind. Trust me, in the end you simply don’t want to leave the island.

Be sure to visit the Lake Lanoto’o National Park. This rare swamp forest ecosystem is simply splendid. Getting there is a bit rough though since, you’ll practically need a 4WD and there’s some hiking involved too. Again, it’s all worth the troubles once you reach the park.

If you hike to the Lalomanu area, on the eastern part of the island, you will see the mesmerizing Tiave’a waterfalls. Go ahead and take a refreshing plunge, it’s free and be awed by the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes surrounding you.

Another particular favorite is the Piula Cave Pool on the north coast. This is quite a solemn journey because you literally have to pass the church grounds in order to enter and there’s a minimal entrance fee. What awaits you is an attractive spring-fed freshwater pool which is quite good for swimming and spelunking too.

For advance surfers, head straight to Sa’Moana Resort which specializes in surfing. Beginner surfers are discouraged because the island’s reef can be dangerous.

If you want a high end treat instead, there’s also a golf course on the island. You have the choice between the Royal Samoan Country Club and Faleata Country Club, both are equally beautiful.

Scuba divers will have plenty of fun since the island boasts of having 900 fish species and 200 types of coral in Samoan’s waters. There’s a bit of everything for beginner divers to advance divers but organizing your diving can be a tad tricky since there are only a few diving operators. However, Aquasamoa, a PADI certified instructor is known to organize diving trips more frequently.

For your romantic needs, there’s nothing better than going to the beach. The clear waters and the mesmerizing waves of the seas are just fantastic flavors to your romantic plans.

Have fun.

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