Travelling Around Australia to Watch Rugby League

Though not as popular worldwide as rugby unions, rugby league is huge in Australia, especially in Queensland, the ACT, and New South Wales. It competes for sports fans attention with Aussie Rules football which is most watched in Victoria. Luckily, Australians are sports crazy and they have plenty of time to give to all of their sports, especially when it comes to supporting their home city or their country.

Rugby league was the most watched sport on TV in 2009 which is a testament to its popularity. The National Rugby League, as its called, has 15 teams with 10 teams in New South Wales and four teams in Sydney alone. The number of teams gives fans a good opportunity to travel around four Australian states and there's even a team in New Zealand (in Caterbury) that's a part of the league.

The concentration of teams in just a few Australian states means that there are plenty of teams in small cities and gives fans and travellers a good opportunity to visit some off the nicest spots in Australia like Townsville, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast in Queensland. Townsville is just across the water from Magnetic Island, known as one of the sunniest places in the world. Brisbane is one of Australia's largest cities and a lively and vibrant metropolis while still retaining a small country town sort of a feel. The Gold Coast is well known for beaches and parties and is a place that many people come to unwind.

If you're into sports betting then the National Rugby League gives you a chance to cheer for such varied teams as the Roosters, Rabbitohs, Sharks, Eels, and Sea Eagles. You can do all of your sports betting at william hill online. Do a bit of research and hopefully you'll come out a winner!

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