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The image of Sydney Opera House is likely to be the first to enter your mind when you think of Australia. This unique and beautiful architectural feat has decorated many a travel brochure, poster and internet travel site, competing only with India’s Taj Mahal. Of course, the Sydney Opera House is a must-visit site in Sydney, as is what is probably the second-most famed site, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Cultural Highlights

Once you have visited the popular hot spots of Sydney, don’t stop there. There is plenty more to see in Sydney that does not dominate picture postcards or covers of travel magazines. These hidden gems offer more than just the touristic feats; they tell us valuable information about the first colony of Britain, they offer cultural insight and even natural wonders that are pleasing to the eye.

Sydney harbour bridge

Historical Tapestry

Dating back to 1788, Sydney has a rich cultural and historical tapestry. Modern day Sydney is known as a ‘great global city’, with a lot of time and effort having been put into making Sydney pleasing to the eye and culturally rewarding for visitors.

Its booming economy from tourists, travellers and business, means it has an assortment of skyscrapers; manmade parks to escape the business-orientated city life; bars, clubs and pubs which are perfect for city dwellers. Visitors can even find hidden gems within the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are planning on going to Australia on a working visa, there a whole raft of low cost airline providers who offer significantly discounted tickets.

Metropolitan Beauty

Why not head to Orbit Bar where you can soar like a bird above Sydney and witness the metropolitan views and distant natural beauty? The 170 meter high building is the perfect place to have a drink and soak up the views. What is extra great is that it is not heavily touristic, so it may just be you and the views.


Downtown Sydney is host to a bustling Chinese community. Take a wander through Chinatown, not forgetting to sample the many culinary delights and get lost among the great banter of the markets and street stalls.

Sydney’s parks are also well worth a visit. In addition to the city centre manmade ones are some spectacular out-of-town national parks. Why not head to the Botanic Gardens for an insight into Australia’s tropical and rich botanical beauty?

Manly Scenic Walk

Why not make the most of Sydney’s stunning coastal line and undergo one of the many walking routes? There are many off-the-beaten-track walks. A hidden gem is the Manly scenic walk. Buses serve the start of the walk. A signposted but not overly populated walk, it takes you by some lovely secluded beaches, spectacular views (especially when you get high up) and even some aboriginal rock carvings. The walk comes to an end in Manly, a lovely little fishing area. It takes about four hours to complete the walk so pack plenty of water.

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