Finding a Job in Sydney

As Australia's largest city, Sydney is the center of the action for the whole country and it's full of opportunity. Finding a job in Sydney isn't any different from finding one in other cities in the world but there are a few local resources that could help you out.

As in most places, finding a job is about who you know, not what you know. Networking is important, especially if you are just out of university with no experience and are just looking for any unskilled job to tide you over while you are living in Sydney. People who land jobs in hostels, restaurants, and on construction sites often do so by networking with their fellow travellers. Talk to people, let it be known you are looking for work and see if anyone can hook you up. Having someone come to you with a potential job certainly beats having to hit the pavement in search of one for yourself.

If you are part of the backpacker scene in Sydney then you will probably find yourself staying at a hostel on arrival. Hostel notice boards are a great resource for work and there are often postings looking for all types of workers. Usually the work is poorly paid and not exactly a career choice, but they can be great jobs to tide you over until you find something better.

If you have office experience, temping is a good way to pay the bills. What you lose in the assurance of having a steady job, you gain in having flexibility. Temping is great for people who have a bit of money behind them and want to travel a lot. Temps aren't tied down to a set number of vacation days per year - instead they can accept or turn down contracts as they wish, as long as they can afford it.

Even if office temping isn't the job for you, recruitment agencies are still a great way to go. They find all sorts of jobs and it makes life easier for you. You can start the process before you enter Australia by checking out some online recruitment agencies such as Leading Edge, PKL Recruitment or Launch Recruitment.

Unless you really know your stuff, it is unlikely you will land a job before arriving in Sydney but registering with as many agencies as possible before you arrive will give you a bit of a head start. You will still have to visit their offices to meet with the staff and possibly do typing, software or other career-related tests, but once all of that is done you can leave it to the recruitment agencies to find you work. If you don't hear from them, keep harassing them with phone calls and visits until they do.

If you want to be a bit more proactive with your job search, online job boards and websites are a good place to start. One of the best places for all things Sydney is The Gumtree. They have websites covering lots of cities and their Sydney site is one of the busiest with job postings for everything from accounting to farming to teaching. It is good to check this site out before you arrive in Australia to get an idea of what sorts of jobs are available and what they pay. Craigslist Sydney is another option although it's not quite as busy.

Finding a job in Sydney isn't easy since the city is packed with travellers all looking for work. It doesn't help that some professional employers will see your temporary visa as a detriment. Why employ someone who will be leaving in a year when they can employ a local, right? Finding a good job anywhere is difficult and Sydney is no different but if you keep at it and aren't picky to start, you will find something to suit you eventually.

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