Tourism and Australia's Casino Culture

There is little question that the increasing popularity of casino culture has had a positive impact on the tourism trade in Australia. Although, the major cities like Melbourne and Sydney were already places that attracted a lot of visitors every year. Attractions like Sydney’s famous harbour bridge and opera house and the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne have ensured that Australia has always been somewhere that holidaymakers have been interested in. However cities like these have enjoyed a major upswing in tourism, particularly from Japan, thanks to the big casinos that have been built there over the past few years.

The Crown Casino, which is in Melbourne, has been especially effective in increasing tourism to Australia. This is the biggest and most popular casino in Australia, and is a serious magnet for tourists. It is rivalled by other big casinos in the country like The Star in Sydney and Conrad Jupiter’s Casino on the Sunshine Coast. Of course there are plenty of other places in the world that offer great casino gambling, many of which are far closer to Japan than Australia, so why are so many people from that country flocking to Australia in particular to play casino games?

Well, although there is no disputing the quality of the gaming provided at casinos like these ones, it is the combination of this and the promise of sun and sea that makes Australia so appealing. Tourist destinations like the Sunshine Coast and Sydney offer glorious weather and beaches for people to enjoy during the day, before hitting The Star Casino or Conrad Jupiter’s in the evening. While Melbourne is perhaps not a rival to them in this respect, the massive Crown Casino complex provides more choice of entertainment including a new ‘80s themed bar, kingpin bowling alley and cinema. These additional attractions at the big Australian casinos mean that they offer tourists something different either to using the casinos at home, or playing at an online casino site such as on your tablet from the comfort of your sofa. Keeping up to speed on other attractions is important nowadays due to the competition posed by these online sites.

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