A Travel Guide to Sydney

Sydney is known as the Harbour City and is Australia’s largest and oldest city. As the capital city of its state, Sydney is filled with plenty of history, nature, culture, art and cuisine. Most people recognise Sydney as the home of the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but there is so much more to do and see in the city that it’s hard to know where to begin. In order to get the most out of Sydney during your trip, here’s a short guide to help you on your way!


The central of Sydney is where you will find most of the action, and this area is split into six different districts. There is the city centre which is home to all of the government and finance buildings as well as some great restaurants, however this can get very busy during the weekends. The Rocks is the northern most district of central Sydney and is home to one of the biggest draws of the city, the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There is also the site of the first colonial village in the country, where the first immigrants landed and set up the beginnings of the city.

Darling Harbour is largely where you will find most of the entertainment part of the city. From restaurants and boardwalks to aquariums, wildlife and museums, there is plenty for you to fill up your evenings and day trips with. One of the best things about the Darling Harbour district is that everything is easily reachable by foot, meaning you can get round everything at your own pace. City South, East and West make up the other three districts and there you will find the city’s Chinatown, fish markets and casinos amongst other attractions.


No matter what month you choose to fly to Sydney, you are likely to catch the sun due to the city enjoying over three hundred sunny days a year. The city experiences its summer months between December and February with temperatures reaching over 40 degrees. On the other hand, the winter months are between June and August and the temperature remains cool rather than cold. Temperatures level out around the 15 degree mark, although occasionally they can drop to 10 degrees, so be sure to pack accordingly.

Getting Around

Once you land at the airport, you will want to head into town as quickly and as cheaply as possible – thankfully, you have plenty of options depending on your budget.

There are trains that depart from the international and domestic airports, costing around $16 intot the city centre. You can also opt to catch the local bus into town, and this is your cheapest option at $3. Taxis are the easiest but most expensive way to get into town, and a taxi to any of the districts in the city centre will cost you anywhere from $40 to $60, as well as paying for the tolls along the way.

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